About Us

Graphic West is an international manufacturer and supplier of folding carton packaging, product point of purchase labels, and rigid set up boxes. With locations in the USA, the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Sweden, and China, Graphic West is well positioned to serve clients with a global presence.

Graphic West specializes in solving common problems for packaging clients. Some of those common problems are: Excessive inventory purchases to achieve a palatable per piece price, price disparity for small runs, minimum ordering levels, GMP critical inspection, compliance issues as it pertains to carton serialization or lot/batch/expiry for small quantity, among others.

By combining many years of experience, technological advances, streamlined processes, and innovation Graphic West has solved these common problems for some of the world’s largest companies. We take a great deal of pride in pointing to clients who have gone from a warehouse stocked full of packaging products to client’s who now receive their daily, weekly, or monthly production requirements just in time for production.

Graphic West’s continued growth is evidence that providing solutions to clients is not only appreciated but valued. Graphic West is committed to the continued identification of problems and providing solutions for those problems. Challenge us with a problem and we will work with you to resolve it.

What We Do

On Demand Packaging

In the 1970s Taiichi Ohno, of the Toyota Company, developed the premise of Just in Time Manufacturing (JIT). JIT is a complete management system and Lean Manufacturing has its roots in JIT. Paramount to this system of JIT was the elimination of waste. Seven waste streams were defined and among them are: waste from overproduction, waste of waiting, inventory waste, and waste from defect.

When we talk about On Demand Packaging we are talking about the customer having the ability to:

•   Order a quantity of cartons specific to the quantity they will produce to eliminate waste from overproduction and inventory waste. We have a track record of being able to reduce and/or totally remove inventory from a client’s process. This clears up valuable square footage for expansion of processes that generate revenue. It provides cash flow that is always needed by not investing in inventory. It eliminates the waste of obsolescence due to changes to print, or elimination of an item, that cause the necessary destruction of inventory.

•   Order a quantity of cartons with a delivery window as short as 24to 48 hours in some cases. The waste of waiting on a supplier to manufacture and ship their product to you can certainly be eliminated in this scenario. We have a track record of delivering orders in 24 to 48 hours routinely. Our streamlined manufacturing combined with technology allows us to accomplish this on a repeatable basis. We currently have clients who place orders every day and we deliver the next day every day.

•   Order any quantity. There are no minimum order quantities at Graphic West. See the Price Stabilization/Small Quantity page of our website regarding pricing.

Price Stabilization/Small Quantity

We realized very early on in the process that if we helped clients solve problems related to over purchasing product and eliminating their inventory, we would be forced to figure out how to do it so that it made economic sense. We also realized that pricing pressures existed for slow moving products, small quantity products, products in inventory that needed to be repackaged for any number of reasons, test market runs, entrepreneurial start up runs, etc. For all these reasons we set about to rectify the problem. We looked at historical pricing models in the packaging industry, amortization of equipment make-ready across single runs, time wasting processes within the packaging manufacturing process, and every area of the value stream. Some things we were able to change, others we did away with, and still with others we had to invent a new process, procedure, or piece of hardware. The results for our clients are:

  • We can look at an annual quantity of product and standardize a price no mater what quantity is ordered. For instance, if you use 100,000 cartons of a specific item each year then we will give you one price for that item. After that, you can order any quantity you want. Order all 100,000 at one time or order 500 at a time. It’s up to you to determine what you want to order, we’ll make them and ship them to you.

  • We’ve eliminated minimum order quantities and can provide a price for those small quantity orders that is palatable. You don’t have to be concerned that the price of your packaging is going to adversely affect the retail price of your product any longer.



It is estimated that counterfeit drugs in the US alone accounts for $200 Billion. Some estimates put the combination of counterfeit drugs, medical devices, and medical supplies in excess of $500 billion annually in the US. For this reason, many industries are self-imposing the required serialization of products and product packaging. This means every package is required to have a serial code unique to the one dose/product in the box. Additionally, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act mandates the use of serialized packaging for behind the counter medicines effective 11/17/17 with penalties incurred for non-compliance as of 11/17/18. Many feel that over the counter medicines might see the same imposed legislation before 2020.

These situations, and resulting compliance requirements, have presented many with new challenges. The purchase and implementation of a Track & Trace software, application of serialization/data matrix codes on product filling machines, and the set up time required for small batch products, are all problems many companies are dealing with.

Graphic West provides solutions such as:

  • We will serialize the cartons in our manufacturing process and send them to you ready to load. Since the code is not valid until scanned into the Track & Trace hub there is no compliance issue with purchasing pre-serialized packaging.

    • If you have the software already, you can generate the codes and send them to us.

    • If you can’t, or would rather not, generate the codes then we can generate the codes for you.

  • We can also add lot, batch, and expiry information to your packaging. We can do this in addition to serialization or stand alone. Just supply us the info and we will return the cartons ready to load. 

GMP Compliance

Many of our clients face a host of compliance issues and the consequence of non-conforming product can be financially devastating as well as damaging to a company’s reputation that has taken years to cultivate. Good Manufacturing Practices are something we take very seriously at Graphic West. We have dedicated a good deal of resources to the development of Standard Operating Procedures to assure our clients that we can, and will, do it right every time. We have also invested in a good deal of research and development and have applied that learning to our manufacturing process so that we, and our clients, can have high confidence when it comes to compliance.

Because of the proprietary nature of our system we prefer not to divulge the specifics of that program here. However, we can say that we have the ability to 100% inspect each individual piece of packaging that requires GMP compliance. Not random inspection, or in process sampling, but rather the inspection of each individual piece. We’d be happy to discuss the details with you in person.


The biggest growth in marketing/advertising in the past decade has been in the areas of personalization and customization. A whole new industry of data mining and sale of that data has risen as companies try harder and harder to reach their target audience. In the packaging world, the best example and use of personalization has been the Coca-Cola Companies’ use of individual names on their single serve bottles.

Over the next decade, the use of personalization and customization of all types of packaging is bound to become more prevalent. Maybe printing 1,000,000 different names on your product doesn’t make sense but there is some aspect of personalization and customization that does. The biggest challenge we all face is figuring out what that aspect is and seeing it accomplished.

At Graphic West we are poised to take advantage of this coming trend. We have the know-how, the technology, and the experience. If you are interested in being a pioneer of this trend, if you have ideas, or if you want to hear our ideas, we would love to talk to you about it.

Let’s go lead a trend together rather than follow one later. 

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. Our phones are answered by humans and our info@ email address actually works. So, call us at 903-405-1204 or email us at info@graphicwest.com. If you’d rather drop in on us, we are located at 4051 N NE Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75708.